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It's been a long while since i last updated anything on DA. That's because i've been busy with my personal project - Sushimaki. I'd like to take this opportunity to share this project with all of you here.

So what's Sushimaki? Sushimaki is a passive online game where the player manages their very own Sushimaki stall. As the manager, your objective is to get as many customers from all over MakiLand to try your sushi delicacies!

Features of Sushimaki:
- Customize your own Sushimaki stall by hiring different chefs, buying maki makers, and making your own sushimakis for sale.
- Cute and designer style character designs. Collect all customer's stickers to fill up your sticker page by getting them to eat at your Sushimaki stall.
- Use lucky charms and promotional posters to boost your sales. Get extra cash, rating points, special items, and much much more!
- Catch the Sushi Burglar by solving the photofit puzzle and get rewarded!
- Compete against other players and see how well you fare on the world ranking list.
- Play together with friends and expand your Sushimaki Network to get more customers and rating points bonus.
- Unlock trophy badges and get rewarded by fulfilling objectives in the game.
- Trade items with other players.
- And much much more!

Please go to if you would like to check out this game. Tell me what you think!
Check it out here:

Thanks for the tip, plasticandy!!
Thanks to everyone who commented and fav'ed it! I hope to share more work with you guys in the future!
wtf m i supposed to do now?
wtf m i supposed to do now?